Saturday, April 16, 2011

My friend asked me to accompany her to visit friends on Muzzy Lake and take advantage of the opportunity to photograph the herons building nests in the treetops of the Sycamores in the Cuyahoga National Park. What great fun!

Then we returned just in time to attend the opening of the Spring Show at Artspace. I was elated to learn my painting, "Illuminations", won the painting award in the iconic show, dedicated to the memory of long-time art supporter, benefactor, and friend, Martha Farmer. Thanks, Martha, for everything.

Friday, April 8, 2011


The journey to learning and growing as an artist, is never-ending. Just when you think you are starting to have a handle on something, it is revealed to you how little you really know, in the scope of the big picture.....and gladly so. That allows us to take a journey as we explore expressions of our creativity. I love to share with fellow artists and it never fails that the sharing gets returned, in one way or another.

My eyes were opened to new possibilities with playing cool light against warm and identifying the figure within. It has now become a journey of exploring how the light explains people, places and things............follow the light!