Saturday, October 26, 2013

YEA!!! the 60 paintings for 60 days for $60.......(each)

Well, it is done, complete, over, finished............

Many wonderful events and happenings on the agenda soon. Hope to be sharing those with many of you. Hint...there will be a give away for those that read my blog, as a thank you. I am also going to be giving gifts for the '25 days of Christmas..."stay tuned for details!

I was thinking of a sunset as the finish to the 60/60/60 but instead chose it to be a....'SUNRISE'

so it is really not the is not completed, finished, is just getting heated up!

This challenge has got me fired up for all kinds of things. So, as I drink a toast to all of you that bought paintings, make wonderful comments or gave me fabulous critique comments to help me become a better artist....'Salude'   here's to YOU!

OBX Sunrise
4 x 6" oil on panel

#59 Manne in the Hall 9 x 12" plein air

Just couldn't paint out the windows like the other artists were...all the good views were taken! So I searched around and as I work best in solitude, I scanned the hallway. Sure enough, there was this mannequin posed on a table as part of the advertising for one of the businesses in the building. I thought she made a striking pose, so here it is.......

                                                     #59      Manne in the Hall
                                                                            9 x 12" plein air

                                                                   $60....what a DEAL!


Friday, October 25, 2013

#58 Snow in the Shadows; the 60 paintings for 60 days for $60

I learned a lot about Denver; including although they get lots of snow, it comes and goes pretty quickly. Sunshine will do that! So even though there was snow in the shadows, the sun melted all the rest as the temps reached near 70! The warmth of the sun was glorious but it was also blinding. It was wonderful to find this view from under one of the shelters to give me some respite from the glare and be able to see to paint. The strange red rock formations enticed me to take a long look!

#58 Snow in the Shadows
8 x 10" oil plein air

Thursday, October 24, 2013

#57 St. John's Steeple...of the 60 paintings in 60 days for $60

Some days, things just tell you they must be painted! The steeple of St. John's in Delphos, OH, did just that.

The light behind them was really bright, causing the varied angles to create a dark, defined shape against the ever-changing blue sky. I am also drawn to the patina of aged things, such as the copper on this particular steeple. They develop personality as they age. OH, the stories they hold!

The diagonal of the composition was another plus; this being an anchor of the community, the weight in the bottom really anchors it in the painting.

If you ever in the area, be sure to check out this incredible church.

If you know someone that would appreciate this, remember, you can purchase it through Nov., 1 for the incredible price of just $60. (After that it goes back to regular retail)

Thank you for looking...

              St. John's Steeple

               6 x 10" oil plein air

#56.... Went to a Garden Party.... of 60 paintings in 60 days for $60

You just never know where you will find flowers planted! Creative gardeners see did this one who recycled a 'past it's prime' upholstered chair. It served another purpose, as the little black & white kitty decided it was a great place to lounge! Love the use of the old 60's style light base behind it as a planter, too...

Went to a Garden Party
plein air 5 x 7" oil

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#54 and #55 in the 60 paintings in 60 days for $60

Had a wonderful time doing a photo shoot last night of two of my granddaughters! Geez, how fast they grow. Seems like they were playing with dolls yesterday now they are talking Homecoming dances and Prom. So that is my excuse for not posting last night.

I was hoping the weather would be a little better and I was going to go paint at a special new place near me but alas, the rain came and changed my plans, so I am offering these for today;

The Evening Leader
plein air 6 x 8" oil

#55 Orchard Lane
plein air 6 x 8" oil

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grand Rapids, OH #53 in the 60 paintings for 60 days for $60...

There is something really peaceful about being by a body of water and painting. Just listening to the birds sing and the water gently moving by as it swirls around the multitude of large boulders that create it a meandering path to follow.

Grand Rapids, OH
plein air 6x8" oil

Monday, October 21, 2013

#52 Delphos Alley...plein air 6 x 8"...$60 for the 60/60/60

Just love it when you see  pride in your community and show it by sprucing up the walkways and alleys with flowers and architecture. It makes it so pleasant and people seem to respect it more and not litter as much. It sure was a pleasing sight to my eyes...

Delphos Alley
plein air 6 x 8" oil

#51 of 60 paintings in 60 days for $60

Little White Church was painted plein air and it was cold and windy..tried to use the palette knife as much as possible for the church....fingers don't work the brush so well when cold! Gloves just get coated with paint and then start pulling paint from panel so that doesn't work for me. Guess that just means when the weather is cold, I will choose to paint in the warmth and comfort of the studio...

Little White Church
plein air   5 x 7"  oil

Thursday, October 17, 2013

#50...Single Perfect Blossom... 60 paintings in 60 days for $60

Well, I wanted to do something special for #50!  As I have been fussing with getting the computer working right again for the last two days, there was little time spent painting.  I did get a drawing started for a commission and I ran across this fabulous frame that I recently purchased at an antique store in Wyoming. Instantly I saw this previously created painting of mine in it! The frame I had it in was too heavy and overwhelming; this one just perfectly finishes it around the edges and lets the art shine. Love it when you find that combination. 

One lucky person will be making this one a new resident of their home...will YOU be the lucky one?

Single Perfect Blossom
framed, 5 x 7" alcohol inks on Yupo paper

Thank you for being a part of my artistic adventure.......

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#49 .......FALLing...60 paintings in 60 days for $60

With some big and small commissions waiting in line in the studio, along with those paintings in my head that I would like to attempt to get on canvas, I am looking forward to completing these 60/60/$60!!!  I can hardly wait to share some of those with you. I have some incredible brown eyes staring at me now, waiting to be immortalized on a painting panel for it's owner as a Christmas gift.

On the other hand, I am happy that many of my paintings have a new home where many can love them! ( remember, these normally sell for up to $250, so grab one before this special ends)

 Here's another one ..... some of you may fall in love with and want to give a new home...

#49     FALLing     8 x 10" oil 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Here's #47 and #48 in the 60 in 60 for $60

I am drawn to the diverse and intricate architecture of older buildings; they have so much personality! The patina on the brick , along with intricate texture of aged wood has an appeal to many, myself included! I am especially drawn to curved and domed features on windows and doorways. An example is this capture....

#47 The Blue Door 

4 x 6" oil on panel

Heron Snack
6 x6" oil on panel

AS always..............thanks for looking......BLESS you, for buying!

Monday, October 14, 2013

#45 and 46....60 paintings in 60 days for $60

Painting on location can be difficult but it is also  rewarding as you  improve your skills at finding the right color, stroke and value to convey your vision in paint! Sometimes it is a 'flinger' and other times it is priceless. One of the great perks of painting 'en plein air' is getting to soak up all the bounty that nature provides, by way of warmth, sunshine, variety of colors  and terrain!

Here are a couple more I hope you enjoy.........

Dublin Morning Light
9 x 12" oil


#46 King's Fountain
6 x 10" oil

Sunday, October 13, 2013

#42 & 43 ...60 paintings in 60 days for $60 each

I almost forgot to post tonight. Time does get away; esp. as the days are seemingly shorter as we head into fall and this weather has been stupendous! Makes you want to play hooky. Happy to say I have been enjoying daily bike rides, feeling the gentle breeze on my face as I coast down the lane after a fast stint of pedal power!

Below the Saddle
9 x 12" oil

Aspen Gold
9 x 12" oil

#41 Daylily in Pink...60 paintings in 60 days for $60

There was a large group of these and I just wanted to single out one special lily to paint. The colors are a little softer and I didn't put in as much detail as I had planned but I rather like it this way...soft and kind of moody...
#41 Daylily in Pink         9 x 12"
(remember, this is a limited very special pricing!, do your gift shopping.)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

#39 and #40.................of 60 paintings in 60 days for $60

Really busy doing the business side of things. Sure does take away the time from painting but for now, I am a one-woman show....someday (soon, I hope) I will hire a part-time helper!

#39 Signs of the Season
9 x 12" oil on panel


#40 Whiskey Basin and Beyond
9x 12" oil on panel

Thanks for looking and as always, have a wonderful night!

Friday, October 11, 2013

#37...Aspens................#38.........October's Full Moon

Aspens are one of my favorite trees, even though they don't grow here in Ohio. I love seeing them each time I make it west; esp. if I am lucky enough to when they change colors. Even simply green, they are still beautiful, most notably for that textured silvery-white bark.

#37 Aspens   8 x 10 oil


October's Full Moon
miniature 3 x 4" plein air
includes frame

#36..Top of the Hill...6 x 12" 60 paintings in 60 days for $60 each

I am not a marathon painter by any means! I am exhausted after such a long day today; getting up before sunrise is not my usual plan. On the bright side, I did accomplish to paint quite a bit today.

#36 Top of the Hill
6 x 12" oil on  1 1/2" wrapped canvas
( no frame needed)

Soulful Eyes...

Waking up well before dawn today, ( a big deal for me the night-owl), I headed to the studio. After a cup of coffee I gave caution to the wind of what was on the 'must do' agenda and allowed myself a little learning and some fun, too.

 This is not included in the 60 in 60 for $60, as  this photo is from one of my friends on Facebook and have now forgotten who it it was a 'just fun' experience.....

( if you know the owner of this incredible canine, please message me, I seem to have lost that info)

Soulful Eyes.......
( Now to get back to the real work!)