Saturday, February 11, 2012

The palette of Norman Rockwell

 June Trefs Bell inquired "wonder what palette Norman Rockwell used?", after she and her family enjoyed viewing the exhibit at the Dayton Art Institute in Ohio. Having recently had the pleasure of exploring the exhibit myself, and always wanting to find the answer for a friend, I did some research in my own library and online. Here is what I found; 

                                               NORMAN ROCKWELL'S PALETTE

The colors he generally used were manufactured by Winsor & Newton , those in lower case represent the colors he only used on occasion;
rose madder
burnt umber
mars violet
cadmium orange
terre verte
 cobalt blue
cerulean blue
payne's gray

His medium, when he used one, consisted of rectified turpentine and Grumbacher's Oil Medium #2


Another source says Rockwell used Shiva paints, with which he employed the following palette:
magnesium blue
cadmium yellow medium
cadmium orange
light red

With these, he used Shiva's artist medium.
Some excellent info found from these sources;

†† Norman Rockwell. Rockwell on Rockwell:  Watson-Guptill Publications, 1979.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Red Kiss #1

I have been planning to try these little paintings for quite some time, but somehow they just never materialized. I so wanted to paint on some large paintings yesterday, but my neck and shoulder had other ideas. Now normally, I would just remind them who is boss and do what I want anyhow. They have proved to me enough, that they are really in control. So I decided a compromise and do this little kiss painting.

What fun!                                                     Red Kiss #1

                                                            2 5/8  X  2 7/8"     oil on wood

I love painting on this surface! Rather expensive for a full sheet but worth it! MDO sign board.
It has a paper surface that is a golden brown midtone and it takes the oil paint beautifully. I don't have to prep it any way. Just cut it to size, sand the edges and ready to paint! I think I will have fun coming up with something from the home improvement store to act as a frame.

Give a kiss to someone YOU love...........................: )       Ruth Ann

Monday, February 6, 2012

planning studio time

Why does it seem that most men artists have no problem getting to the studio to work? Is it because they have tunnel vision and don't get distracted? Is it because they are not usually responsible for cooking, cleaning,doing the laundry, taking care of the kids, etc on a daily basis?

I wonder if it is gender related that they can have such focus. I truly wish I knew the answer to that one.I am hoping by planning, that I can get more effective and productive studio time. I am working at eliminating some bad habits and trying to develop better ones; such as developing some "tunnel vision".

I dislike being able to be so easily distracted. Once I am 'in the zone', that rarely happens but there is so much preliminary work to be done before I can reach that zone. So today I decided to speed it up a little by using a set up for my oil painting series '30 paintings in 30 days', for my watercolor class.

It was wonderful! As I had already decided to keep it simple and use only three primary colors; New Gambouge, Permanent Rose and Antwerp sped things up and I was able to get to 'the zone' fairly quickly. What fun! Now the sample for the class is done. It took SO much more time to get it all ready and type up the sign up sheet than to paint the painting! That is the part that I wished I could hire someone to do. I think I will have to brainstorm on that idea!

This was great fun to do in watercolor! It needed to be simple and quick.
 I am providing all the supplies for a 2 hour up with enthusiasm and go home with a painting!

Now...................back to the studio!

Thanks for looking............good day, Ruth Ann

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Planning and accountability

As an artist, we usually just want to spend our time creating, no matter what our medium. That has been my case. I have fought all the good suggestions and words of wisdom from those successful artists that I admire. It all seemed so overwhelming!

Well, 2012 is going to be a big year for me, in more ways than one! Maybe turning 60 is such a milestone that it is telling more excuses; no more procrastination. I need to walk the walk!

So here it is; January was a great start, thanks to my new friend, Kristen Dukat, who kept me going on the 30 paintings in 30 days. Thanks to that and some wise words from Carol Marine, I am finally planning. YES, I said p-l-a-n-n-i-n-g.....I am to be held accountable. I am putting it on paper. It is amazing how wonderful it is to have a plan!

I was always good at saving money and planning, I am not sure why I didn't translate it over to my art. The principles are basically the same, just a little more complicated.

Some of my 'not planning' was not  excuses, but a great deal due to an overactive nervous system, due to a spinal injury. Now that I know & recognize that, I can do my best to overcome it.
I am excited about the possibilities.

I started my plan with putting in the things written in ink, such as the days I have to work, some paintings workshops that I am sponsoring, vacation, etc.

Then I added my goals............yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. First of all, I have given myself permission to be flexible, so that I don't feel like a total failure if I miss one or two small goals. I am working to keep the big picturte in mind.

All of this is not my idea. I am compiling all the great advice  that I have gleaned from books, the internet and other fabulous, sharing artists and applying it as best I can, on this given day, at this point in my life. It is but one part of our journey.

I also added travel to places that I want to make it to. Part of my bucket list. Friends have been telling me they live vicariosly through my travels. I used to do the same thing, until I changed my thinking and started believing I could travel, too. There is so much out there to experience! God has created such a tremendously beautiful world and to get to explore it through our eyes, camera, and paint is an incredible opportunity.

It isn't always easy, but it is certainly possible if we plan and make ourselves accountable!

Have a wonderful day!  Ruth Ann

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shipping your art

I am catching up on things, gearing up for another burst of energy in the studio. One of those not planned, was our "baby", Sedona, a tri-colored cockapoo, wasn't feeling well and needed to see the vet. She is fine after some meds, but just couldn't get started on much today, as I was hovering over her, just like a worried mother does.

So I was able to get a painting to be shipped. I love this part! Trying to present it in the best way possible, so it is a real treat when they open it. This one is being shipped to a B & B, so I hope the owner   gets a look at it before the recipient leaves with it.

I had to make a new 'certificate of authenticity' today, since my old programs won't work on this laptop. All that work has to be done again! Computers...a love/hate relationship.

I did manage to get it done and packaged the painting up in special paper with a gold seal and tied with a delicate ribbon. I always include my bio and a couple of business cards. A thank you card is also usually included, featuring an image of the purchased painting. These little touches mean a lot and are great fun to do. Tomorrow it is off to the post office! I use USPS for the smaller ones and then UPS or FedX for larger pieces.

I will head to the studio tomorrow to start on a watercolor of the tulip that I did in oils. I will be teaching that one soon.I was also able to snap a few photos of the tulips today as the sun would peek out, sending wonderful shafts of colorful light through the stained glass windows in the dining room.

May the sunshine always shine on your face and may the wind always be at your back,,,,,,,,,

until tomorrow...........Ruth Ann