Sunday, December 22, 2013

Artists needing Artists...

What a wonderful time this weekend was! To spend time with a friend and fellow artist and get to spend a great deal of the time in the studio. Even though we were on the computer a lot and looked at more than a few photos, we actually painted, too. My friend, Pat Getha, was also very sharing in that she showed me a few settings on my camera that that are helpful and I learned a couple of shortcuts in Photoshop.

I shared with her as much as I could by way of art adventures that I have had and lots of paintings that she had never seen, along with some of my hand-pieced quilts that I made ( Pat insists they MUST be in a future painting), so there we go...bouncing ideas off each other.

She worked on a little gem in scratchboard, something she had not done since high school. It was exquisite when she finished! In the meantime, I pulled out a painting that I had started, thinking I knew exactly what was going in the background.........well, it took on a life of its own. It now has a very different background than I had planned and is taking it a whole new direction. THAT is the real high about creating art!

It has a long way to go yet, as many areas are just under painted with acrylics and has yet to be painted over with oils. ( I don't usually work this way, but this is an experiment...) the subtle blues, greens and violets in the background don't show very well in the photo but they are there. Now I have to come up with a completely different title..........many come to mind.

 I would love to hear your suggestions!   Artists need Artists.........