Sunday, February 17, 2013

Arizona still...


Having a wonderful time but not painting as much as I probably should, but my excuse is that I am gathering photo reference for future paintings.

We attended church this morning in the open air with the sun shining brightly! We shared the arena with the bikers getting ready for a run. The service was great; real western style.

We checked out a possible painting sight afterwards....

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peace of the Desert and the birds

The desert offers up so many wonderful photograph opportunities or just nature-watching, if you aren't carrying a camera! Along with the enormous  Saguaro towering overhead, there are many other varieties of cacti and vegetation to provide shelter for birds and other critters. Each day, I am blessed with the entertainment of another variety. Yesterday morning, right after sunrise, a coyote came trotting down the mountain path....soon his friend followed. By the time I ran and got my camera, they were gone; so although I didn't get a photo, that quick glimpse remains a wonderful memory!
Peace of the Desert
Today I was able to photograph a bird I have been spotting often; it resembles a cardinal in body size shape and crested head, but it is all black. Then I was lucky enough to spot a pair of hawks...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Scoping out a place to paint

Char wanted to walk the wash to see if there was a specific spot to paint that we both liked. I liked it all! It had just rained and was very cold but the sun was beginning to set as we found our way back the trail and I snapped a few for possible paintings.

We may return here to paint plein air if we find time this week and the weather warms up. We will have to watch that it doesn't get too warm or we will have to worry about getting caught in a flash flood!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Traveling to Cave Creek

Energized, even though I barely slept last night, afraid I wouldn't awake early enough, not trusting my cell phone alarm! So I was up, packed, had breakfast and ready to go just after 7:30am. I got better directions to return the rental car and it was a smooth ride. The sun was shining so I didn't mind if I would have to wait for Charlotte...

We drove straight to Cave Creek

Charlotte spoiled me as usual, and brought her famous chocolate brownies for a snack! After some of her delicious homemade soup I headed out for a walk in the hills.

Then I saw this flying HIGH over the mountains....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Roosevelt Art District, AZ

A whole new adventure in Phoenix this time. As I was traveling alone, I opted to room at a hostel. It just happened to be in the Roosevelt Art District. What an eclectic place! But then, what should you expect from a place that has had the influence and demarcation from people all over the world!

During my stay, they were from Croatia, New Zealand, British Columbia, France, Chicago and Vancouver! We had quite the wonderful time over breakfast and a dinner we shared one evening, along with a Bluegrass jam session at a local coffee shop!

If you ever need a great place to stay for a few days in Phoenix, try the Metcalf House.

You can tell just how tired I was...and notice that is just a Pepsi in my hand!

Thanks to all of you.............happy travels!!!