Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shipping your art

I am catching up on things, gearing up for another burst of energy in the studio. One of those not planned, was our "baby", Sedona, a tri-colored cockapoo, wasn't feeling well and needed to see the vet. She is fine after some meds, but just couldn't get started on much today, as I was hovering over her, just like a worried mother does.

So I was able to get a painting to be shipped. I love this part! Trying to present it in the best way possible, so it is a real treat when they open it. This one is being shipped to a B & B, so I hope the owner   gets a look at it before the recipient leaves with it.

I had to make a new 'certificate of authenticity' today, since my old programs won't work on this laptop. All that work has to be done again! Computers...a love/hate relationship.

I did manage to get it done and packaged the painting up in special paper with a gold seal and tied with a delicate ribbon. I always include my bio and a couple of business cards. A thank you card is also usually included, featuring an image of the purchased painting. These little touches mean a lot and are great fun to do. Tomorrow it is off to the post office! I use USPS for the smaller ones and then UPS or FedX for larger pieces.

I will head to the studio tomorrow to start on a watercolor of the tulip that I did in oils. I will be teaching that one soon.I was also able to snap a few photos of the tulips today as the sun would peek out, sending wonderful shafts of colorful light through the stained glass windows in the dining room.

May the sunshine always shine on your face and may the wind always be at your back,,,,,,,,,

until tomorrow...........Ruth Ann

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Gloria E. Moses said...

Thanks for share the smart, thoughtful "packaging tips". It is something I have never considered not having to ship a painting yet. Hope your puppy is better Ruth Ann!