Monday, February 6, 2012

planning studio time

Why does it seem that most men artists have no problem getting to the studio to work? Is it because they have tunnel vision and don't get distracted? Is it because they are not usually responsible for cooking, cleaning,doing the laundry, taking care of the kids, etc on a daily basis?

I wonder if it is gender related that they can have such focus. I truly wish I knew the answer to that one.I am hoping by planning, that I can get more effective and productive studio time. I am working at eliminating some bad habits and trying to develop better ones; such as developing some "tunnel vision".

I dislike being able to be so easily distracted. Once I am 'in the zone', that rarely happens but there is so much preliminary work to be done before I can reach that zone. So today I decided to speed it up a little by using a set up for my oil painting series '30 paintings in 30 days', for my watercolor class.

It was wonderful! As I had already decided to keep it simple and use only three primary colors; New Gambouge, Permanent Rose and Antwerp sped things up and I was able to get to 'the zone' fairly quickly. What fun! Now the sample for the class is done. It took SO much more time to get it all ready and type up the sign up sheet than to paint the painting! That is the part that I wished I could hire someone to do. I think I will have to brainstorm on that idea!

This was great fun to do in watercolor! It needed to be simple and quick.
 I am providing all the supplies for a 2 hour up with enthusiasm and go home with a painting!

Now...................back to the studio!

Thanks for looking............good day, Ruth Ann

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DarleneMowatt said...

That is stunning, the tulip is so realistic and looks great on the patterned background