Saturday, October 26, 2013

YEA!!! the 60 paintings for 60 days for $60.......(each)

Well, it is done, complete, over, finished............

Many wonderful events and happenings on the agenda soon. Hope to be sharing those with many of you. Hint...there will be a give away for those that read my blog, as a thank you. I am also going to be giving gifts for the '25 days of Christmas..."stay tuned for details!

I was thinking of a sunset as the finish to the 60/60/60 but instead chose it to be a....'SUNRISE'

so it is really not the is not completed, finished, is just getting heated up!

This challenge has got me fired up for all kinds of things. So, as I drink a toast to all of you that bought paintings, make wonderful comments or gave me fabulous critique comments to help me become a better artist....'Salude'   here's to YOU!

OBX Sunrise
4 x 6" oil on panel

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