Thursday, October 24, 2013

#57 St. John's Steeple...of the 60 paintings in 60 days for $60

Some days, things just tell you they must be painted! The steeple of St. John's in Delphos, OH, did just that.

The light behind them was really bright, causing the varied angles to create a dark, defined shape against the ever-changing blue sky. I am also drawn to the patina of aged things, such as the copper on this particular steeple. They develop personality as they age. OH, the stories they hold!

The diagonal of the composition was another plus; this being an anchor of the community, the weight in the bottom really anchors it in the painting.

If you ever in the area, be sure to check out this incredible church.

If you know someone that would appreciate this, remember, you can purchase it through Nov., 1 for the incredible price of just $60. (After that it goes back to regular retail)

Thank you for looking...

              St. John's Steeple

               6 x 10" oil plein air

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dorothy byers lorenze said...

Gorgeous! What a magical painting!