Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrate NOVEMBER by giving thanks!

The perfect month of the year to show how thankful I am for all my family and friends. Trying to express that in more than just words, so I have chosen a great GIVE AWAY for the entire month of November!

All those that are followers or choose to start following my blog, can receive a FREE limited edition , signed and numbered, 11 x 14" lithograph fine art print titled 'Brotherly Love'.

What better way to tell you all how much your support means to me as an artist and as a human being! Share with your friends, co-workers, who ever you know! Everyone is eligible...just become a follower by email.
When you do, I will email you a link with a button to cover postage...I am checking for the best rate so it will be an even better deal! Use it for a present or keep it for yourself...just my way of saying "THANKS!"

1 comment:

Donna Pierce-Clark said...

Oh, my goodness, Ruth Ann.
When did you paint this gorgeous painting?

Please count me in as one who receives this amazing gift!

This is the highest form of your art I have ever seen.