Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jingle Bell Hop

The season is upon us and approaching quickly! I have some decorations up.........the tree looks great! Of course, when you get a grandchild to help, it always looks better. Today was the annual downtown celebration of Santa Claus coming to town, arriving on a fire truck. This year, the committee decided to include artists at participating businesses.

I chose to be at the Old Barn Downtown, since I used to be a cake decorator, years ago, at the main restaurant. They were offering free cookie decorating for the kids. I was demonstrating oil painting and chose a chocolate filled stick as my subject. Of course, I had to take a couple of bites out of it, to make it more interesting........but then I had to finish the painting before I could finish eating it!!! It was rather interesting as there were a number of children that chose to engage in conversation, which made the day more enjoyable. Luckily, they recognized what I was painting right away. (thank goodness) Here is the finished product........just in time, as a snow storm had already started to ice up the roads and I did a fair amount of skating on wheels on my way home!

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