Saturday, September 15, 2012

Smoky Mountains in Wyoming

Heh! I headed west... not south to the Smoky Mtns!   Yet, when we landed, smoky mountains, indeed. We were told there was a fire south of Jackson, near Snow King but it was contained and not crossing over the mountain. It was acrid in the air already, making it tough to take a deep breath.

Things started to clear as we headed to Dubois. Then on the horizon above the Wind River, we could see smoke from another fire.

I am now in Dubois and can see smoke in the east and smoke in the west. On a good note, despite the extreme dryness here, the Aspens are glowing in yellows ranging from gold to bronze.


Great flight on United................until I was left waiting for my luggage ( which never appeared) AGAIN???? ( They did this to me last year due to mis-tagging my luggage.) This year, I double checked it; esp. since the gentleman at the counter emphasized for me to be sure to hang onto that receipt, just in case of lost luggage.

I have my camera and art supplies, minus paints. Not a store in town that has women's undergarments. For some reason, they routed my luggage through Denver...go figure.

Let's hope it arrives by the morning!

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