Sunday, January 19, 2014

Switching paints and changing positions!

Progress! Yeah, it is so wonderful to have some of the prep out of the way and be able to tackle this thing. I was having difficulty with the drawing of the first person I wanted to put on the mural. I was just spinning my wheels trying to make it work, as I had a good upper shot  but the couple I had to complete it were all wrong; the pose, the clothing, the position!

So, I changed the game plan.........and selected a new person to start with that had great photo reference all in one shot! Nothing to invent..........whew! OK, so now I was ready to start.

Having changed paints also had slowed things down but I knew it was the right thing to do. I am now using Golden Acrylics along with their GAC 200 Medium.

  It is still a learning curve working with these acrylics, but they are much closer to ones I have used in the past in their workability.

Having the large glass palette to mix on and a razor to scrape with is a definite help!

Not being able to 'float' my shadows and highlights in, is making it a bit of a challenge, for now I am doing a lot of dry brushing. The murals I studied in person recently, used an almost black for the outermost lines and a dark brown narrower line for interior lines, so I am working somewhat with that in mind.

Here is number 1 model complete.........Margie the 'storyteller' 

( a great image to start off with!)

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