Sunday, July 22, 2012

Color charts and snippet # 2

Today was a good, productive day in the studio. This one is coming along nicely, although it surprised me when I started liking what was happening on the canvas a whole lot better than the pretty darn good photo I had managed to capture of this area. I got one spot that looked really 'sweet' and I knew I needed to avoid it like the plague or I would destroy it. I then chose to forget the photo and just paint what I liked on the canvas.

 A light bulb moment, kind of, as now I better understand those before me that recommended using a photo as a 'jumping off point', not just slave and copy it.

I should be able to complete this one tomorrow.........can you guess what landmark this is?


I also was having trouble with subtle grays
 for one of the very large paintings and it was
 full of little shifts of I opened
up the cupboard door and studied my color charts.
 There it was! I was trying to get the tone/value
 using Burnt Sienna when a much better and
more accurate choice was Transparent Oxide Red!
 I am pretty sure that I will be using
 my color charts more often now.

Have a wonderful evening and remember when that color is elusive, make some mixes and record them for future reference!


vickiandrandyrossart said...

Ruth Ann, thanks for sharing one of the VERY useful tips for using color charts! I use mine all the time...I'm going to repost in MyArtTutor's Tips 'n Tricks on FB.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Mission accomplished...everything played nice. I have a question, will you explain your process? I have used Schmid's, but your labeling is different...

Anonymous said...