Sunday, July 22, 2012

Snippet # 2 and using color charts

Snippet # 2 ........the painting is coming along nicely. Should be able to add finishing touches tomorrow. This one is rather small compared to the other two I am working on; it is only 18 x 24".

I worked from my photo but took my color cues from a small oil sketch (9 x 12) that I  started a few weeks ago.  Can you guess where this landmark is?

I was having so much trouble working on another of my very large paintings, so I pulled out my color chart for TOR, as I found the exact color that I wanted to mix on this wonder I couldn't get it....I didn't have Transparent Oxide Red on my palette. Instead, I was trying to get it with Burnt Sienna. What a difference the shift in warmth and transparency made. Especially since I was using Zinc White, rather than Titanium. Guess I need to refer to these charts, instead of them decorating the back of my cupboard doors!

Learn a great deal about color theory, all on your own, by mixing and recording those mixes!!!!

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Michelle Morris said...

Ruth Ann,
I had so much trouble with the color and the subtleties of color change in the red/burnt siena thing without killing my transparency!
Meet me there and paint with me--I need a buddy out there to pal with!