Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Plein Air Magazine article

Getting an opportunity to paint in an incredible place such as Glacier National Park doesn't happen every day, so when the invite to extend our stay in MT so we could, I jumped at the chance. Painting with Wanda Mumm and Terry Smith was a great adventure! It was extremely windy on the mountain and luckily I could tighten my chin strap and had my Soltek easel. It never wavered in the wind!

Check out the blurb on Outdoor in the article written by Steve Doherty....if you aren't signed up for their newsletter, feel free to do that while you are on the is FREE..

We saw so many inspirational landscapes and wildlife that it is hard to settle down and choose one to paint but the grizzlies stand at the top of the list. Especially so as I purchased a bracelet with a bear paw print on and told my fellow artists, " We ARE going to see grizzlies while we are here!".

Not only did we see them once but FOUR times! What a memory!

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