Sunday, October 28, 2012

Time for Work after much play

I have to admit, I have been 'playing ' alot these last few months! Touring Jackson Hole, experiencing Montana for the first time, staying at Glacier National Park, exploring Cody, Wyoming, and back at Yellowstone National Park, followed by a week in the Black Hills of SD, in a quaint cabin, while reconnecting with  a dear artist friend...............whew!

Tons of photos and so much new experiences that my head is still spinning; the glorious peaks in Glacier, getting to spend a morning with wild mustangs in SD, close up photos of a bull moose near Jackson....well, so you get to experience it , too, I am posting a few of those photos.

...till next time. Hope you follow along and enjoy the journey.....Ruth Ann

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Gloria E. Moses said...

Ruth Ann, I am so jealous! Those horses are stunning!!! Those pics are art, wow OMG!!!!