Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January #1..30 paintings in 30 days

Well, I am off to a rocky start but certainly learning! I thought I might attempt painting number one with a palette knife so it would go quickly and I wouldn't get caught up in the details.

I was not happy with the outcome, so I scraped it off and tried to salvage it with brushes. I will paint this one again, as it is a very special place in Glacier National Park. It is known as Heaven's Peak.

I like the warmer version although the shadow pattern is much better and stronger in the palette knife version.
Heaven's Peak, Glacier National Park,9 x 12" oil on panel   $125


Nora Sallows said...

Hi Ruth Ann- it will be fun watching you do this! I admire your dedication. It is hard to pick up the brushes every single day! I love the second one. TWO THUMBS UP. :)

Ruth Ann Sturgill said...

Thanks, Nora...after a grueling late day hanging art, it was tough!