Sunday, January 13, 2013

#13 ....30 paintings in 30 days 2013

This one was a challenge to deal with the dappled light, reflected light and all the crazy things going on in the fleshtones! Knowing the general light source gave me a start but I seemed to have it too warm, then too cool...........remembering this gentleman, I knew he had been in the sun alot so he had good color but the cool light bouncing all around seemed to wash it out.

I at least knew better than to keep going and made a real mess of it, so I will let it sit a day or two and then go back and warm it up and add some needed finishing touches. I am ready to start the next one which is full of colors!

Again I mixed a chromatic black using my blue green and my maroon, using more towards the blue this time. I think I should have had it a little more towards the red with all that cool background.

Every day in the studio is a lesson...............thank goodness I love to learn!

                                      # 13   Stetson in Black

                                  12 x 12" oil on panel   NFS

Once again, thank you so much for viewing my art........Ruth Ann

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Donna Pierce-Clark said...

Ruth Ann, you are a master portrait artist.