Wednesday, January 23, 2013

# 23 After the Bloom. ..& giving a lesson

Feeling a little better today, had lots to do and then had the company of my granddaughter, Alyssa. We got into a discussion about art and I invited her to join me in the studio and I gave her a little lesson in color theory and showed her how to mix a variety of browns just using her primaries. Something she had asked an art teacher and didn't get a satisfactory answer. I was happy that I cleared it up for her.

Then I did a quick demo from a photo that I took my first time in AZ. Incredible skies and color saturation out there. The cacti has just finished their blooming, so I missed that, but it was quite an adventure, none the less.

I re purposed a previously painted panel; felt good to cover it up and get another lesson out of it rather than let it be tinder for the fire. Quality time passing on a little art!

#23  After the Bloom
oil on panel
Thanks for looking..........have a wonderful day!            Ruth Ann


Bruce Bingham said...

Nice painting and how nice you can paint with your grand daughter!!!

Fay Terry said...

Hi Ruth Ann, love the colors in this one- sounds like a fun painting session!