Monday, January 21, 2013

Making a shipping box for art

SOLD! A great thing to hear from your studio,  gallery or a show...then there's the shipping. I have tried a number of things and several work well but right now this is how I make my painting safe and secure.

First and foremost, you need a box that is at least a few inches larger on all sides, top and bottom! For me the next most important thing to have is an electric knife. I use it to cut my recycled foam for around my art. YES, I said recycled. Before you throw out that next piece of furniture, check the cushions or the item itself for foam padding. It is very expensive to buy new, plus I seem to have a real need to do all I can to reuse and re purpose items. Great for our earth and kind to our pocketbooks!

I start by cutting the foam into a size that fits tight in the box. Then I cut that piece in half or thirds, lengthwise. (thickness) You need a minimum of 1" on the bottom and top and preferable to have at least 2" surrounding your art on all sides.

I lay the first thickness in the box bottom, then center the art, face down.( here the art is face up so you can see ) I proceed to measure and cut foam to fit snugly as possible on each side, the same thickness as the artwork. Then just for good measure, I cut a piece of scrap mat board as a layer to top it with; this also helps put pressure against the box and lessens chance of damage a little more. Then I top it with a final layer of foam that should also be the same size as the bottom piece.

Close and tape securely..........add your label!  This is a lightweight solution as well...

Hope you find this useful..........have a wonderful day!   Ruth Ann

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Bruce Bingham said...

Cool and electric knife! Nice touch!