Friday, January 11, 2013

Choosing a frame for your art...

As artists, we sometimes have a tough time picking a frame that really suits our creation. I am certainly guilty. So often, we get all caught up in the beauty of the frame and forget that we need the art to shine. When I overheard visitors in a gallery comment as soon as their eyes drifted to a certain piece.."OH, LOOK at that wonderful frame!" knew for sure it was the wrong frame for that piece. I had an even tougher time getting over this, as I restored old beautiful frames for a number of years, so it was hard to not choose one based on its beauty alone. Many are works of art in themselves...hence the fad awhile back of hanging empty frames on the wall.

Recently, I was getting ready to ship a work of art to a gallery and noticed the frame had gotten damaged. I didn't have time to repair it properly so I knew I had to go shopping.

Usually, a good rule of thumb is if you put a frame on it and it disappears and you just see the art, you have a perfect frame.I went searching for the same frame because it did just disappear when the art was inserted but chose a different one, to my surprise. Sometimes, it can be that the frame just seems to complete and become a part of the piece as in this one.

The silver seem to emphasize the highlights of the crystal glass, the mid tone texture repeated the front of the shelf and the outside repeated the background dark. It made the art seem much  larger than the little 5 x 7" that it is........

I would love to hear what you think..........comments?

Thanks for viewing and reading my thoughts............Ruth Ann

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Anonymous said...

Your explanation as to how that frame added to the painting within it was right on! It was sheer delight to see how the two elements worked together to create such a wonderful unit.