Friday, January 11, 2013

# 11..... of 30 paintings in 30 days 2013

Wow...I can hardly believe it is already day 11! Last year, it was getting to be a bit of a struggle by this time and this year, I just feel like I am getting rolling. I am really having fun the last few paintings. Not sure if it is because I am going back to portraiture or if it is because these have been in the planning stages for some time. You know, the long, long list that seems to just is great to start checking them off and watching the list shrink for a change!

I feel like I am learning more this go round. I now think I need to do this more than just the month of January. I still have a bit of travel planned for this year but maybe I will do small ones when I travel if I don't paint plein air!

Here is today's effort.........again, I struggled with a few things and think I need to go back and punch up a few darks....


# 11 The Yellow Hat

12 x 12" NFS
I appreciate feedback regarding what you think about this; should something be changed??
I look forward to your comments...
As always...........thanks for viewing....Ruth Ann


Pattie Wall said...

I don't see anything that should be changed Ruth Ann. I think it's great - the shadow from the hat brim sure works nice..he looks like that part of his body would be shady and cooled. He appears to be quite a character! I am with you, pinch me - I have done this many paintings in 11 days, which by most years would maybe be done by end of Feb. or later. It is such a powerful start to the year...I hope it can continue!

Sandy Sandy said...

I love your hat theme! Way to go!!I hope you continue with it. Each one gets better! I can tell you are just loving this challenge. Me too!