Thursday, January 17, 2013

All that Jazz.......Homage to Barksdale

Sometimes you just have to step outside your comfort zone and let her rip! After attending a painting demo last night by Atlanta artist, Corey Barksdale, I was inspired to do just that. Normally I paint tight, controlled and with a definite finished product in mind.

 Today I set  few guidelines and decided to let what ever happened to be......I selected a cd with fast, upbeat jazz and played it loud! Then I squirted out my newly purchased tube acrylics and picked up the big , black Sharpie marker! Talk about scary!

To lessen the scare, I found a used canvas that had purple paint on it and wouldn't consider 'precious'...if I destroyed it, I wouldn't care to have to just throw it in the trash.

I mentally simplified the material in my reference photo

 and then just started making marks with that marker! What fun! Liberating.....may have to do this some more........ less than 30 minutes later....

                                     All That Jazz; Homage to Barksdale

                  14 x 18"  acrylic on canvas panel   

Step outside your comfort zone today...reach for something different. It doesn't mean you have to stay there...just enjoy the moment and the PROCESS!

Thanks for looking.............Ruth Ann