Wednesday, January 9, 2013

# 9.......30 paintings in 30 days

Today's attempt is not anything I am happy with but I did paint........that is my goal. To create some more consistent hours in the studio. It is easy to drift in the mindset that if you aren't selling a bunch, maybe you should slow your painting down, too. That is not really a good idea...yet, I admit to sometimes falling victim to that. The more productive time spent in the studio, the better the mind set and the more creative you become.

The results of today are not a waste, either. Much was learned and there is certainly more failures ahead but the great thing about that is the sooner I get some more of those failures out of the way, a few wonderful creations are going to appear at the end of my brush! It's a matter of numbers. The odds are with us; so I plunder on.

In fact, I started two other paintings after this one.......

                                        Hohokam Path 

                                      5 x 7" oil on panel     $45

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Dave Casey said...

When you're not selling as much as you would like (and who of us does?) it is the perfect time to keep knocking them out and build up an inventory. When the sales start to come back, you'll have plenty to replenish the empty walls of the "gallery."

And I love today's painting. Reminds me of southern Arizona during my National Guard training exercises. Well, okay, not so much the NG stuff in the hot, dusty desert, but the landscape was amazing.