Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Creations

Creating this week but using needle and thread and a genuine hide  that I purchased in South Dakota to make my new purse. Totally happy with the results but the real test will be ...everyday use. It feels and looks like the moose hide satchel that I purchased a couple of years ago; love it, too!

George, from Absoroka in Dubois, WY, gave me a pair of coyote teeth and I used them for embellishments along with a few beads I purchased at OLD TOWN in SD, where they filmed "Dances with Wolves".

Should make the perfect bag for my upcoming adventure at American Frontier Productions in Easton, KS.
Going to be capturing cowboys and Indians, along with mountain men and horses, in the camera for future paintings.

If I am really lucky, I will get to ride a horse or two while I am there!

Stay tuned for more.....thanks, Ruth Ann

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