Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time in a Bottle...please?

Where has the time gone??? That is what happens when an artist gets focused. Time has no meaning, as you get in the zone and tunnel-visioned, it just slips away. Or in some cases, the hands on the clock pick up breakneck speed and you are positive you haven't been working that long!

                                            Just so long that I am now laying down on the job!!!

Sure makes you wish you could put time in a bottle! There have been so many events that I was interested in attending but I just know I dare not break the flow of work that is happening in the studio.

Happy to say a milestone has been reached..........HALFWAY! Yea! Actually, 16 of the 30 are now complete.
I had so much fun painting William Davenport, the first African American police chief in Ohio and maybe the U.S.  He made eye contact with me...........that is when I know that I have captured the human spirit of the person! It is rather jolting the first time it happens...having it feel like a live human being is going to step off the board and give you a talking to!

Stay tuned...some really different ones coming up....doctors, ballplayers, lawyers, etc!
And some really wonderful news!
Thanks for being a part of my day.....goodnight!

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