Saturday, March 15, 2014

Productivity thrives..... thanks to Old Man Winter!

The winter that just won't give up has had one positive effect; it has caused me to stay in the studio working like a mad woman on this mural, just so I could avoid the mess right outside my windows.

 Being lucky, having heat and light along with enough food to eat, kept me on track and here are the results. Still learning to handle the paints but having sponsors in the studio to make a few marks of their own has made this so much more fun!

Even the next generation participates..

'Eileen' added...just above his heart

The Continis showed up with great enthusiasm!

From signing 'Eileen' above Bo's heart to painting his shoes, they did a terrific job and we had a great time.


We even arranged a second day for MORE Continis!
Then it was time for LaGoy...

Again, a great time...
Tom Ahl was finally able to get here and get to get a sneak peek at his parents, Bill & Peg. We did just a couple of tweaks after he took a couple of photos and went back to the car to show to Peg. Yea! Happy to say these have been moved to the 'completed' room and I am once again applying caulk and primer....stay tuned!

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