Sunday, September 8, 2013

#3 SOLD! Here's #7 and #8.......... of 60 in 60 fpr $60

SOLD! Never get tired of hearing that word....especially when a painting goes to someone special for a commemoration of a particular event. This one will soon wing it's way to Kansas///

It has been a busy weekend with trying to still maintain a semblence of family time along with chores and still figure out your painting; then make time to paint it! Add trying to remember all you need to pack for two weeks, esp the art supplies and enough surfaces to keep up with this challenge. I'll do my best to not let you down...
#7 spent some time in the dark corner for misbehaving but got a reprieve today. Then I struggled with #8 because it was taken on a dark cloudy day and the values were so close. Guess that's part of the reason for this crazy venture...

Fisherman's Shak OBX
9 x 12" oil on panel

                                                     Blubird Special Delivery
                                                               4 x 4" oil on gallery canvas
                                                              ( frame not needed)

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