Friday, September 6, 2013

By the Light of the Harvest Moon... # 6 of 60 in 60 for $60

Sure was a tough one tonight! I am trying to paint lighter but this is one I had set aside because I didn't know how to finish it. All I had was the tree limb and some green background and I knew it needed more. Initially, it was going to be about texture, but the little bird told me it wanted to perch there!

I really like working on this surface, an Ampersand gessoboard panel! Guess I need to order some more...(since I am selling a few more paintings.)

                                                    By the light of the Harvest Moon
                                                         5 x 7" oil on panel

1 comment:

Donna Pierce-Clark said...

Nice, but maybe the camera caused it to look so so dark??