Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Caught in the Act!............ #4 in the 60 in 60 for $60

I know, I should have stayed home from the auction and painted instead, but that darling little sewing machine spoke to me! Unfortunately, it went for way more than my pocketbook held; guess I wasn't meant to have it.

So to the studio I went after a very late supper and this bluebird decided it was the challenge tonight. I had a real special time with friends the day we sat and photographed these bluebirds! Eventually, the sun came out for a little bit, so I will probably paint a couple more.

I had a panel surface that I had applied some heavy impasto to and then smoothed over, leaving an interesting texture. I cut down the panel to paint this little 6 x 6....

Caught in the Act.....
6 x 6" approx.
oil on panel

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