Sunday, September 29, 2013

Here's # 13 and #14.... of 60 paintings in 60 days for $60

It is tough trying to fit yourself back in the scheme of things after a great adventure; especially when the adventure also has its moments of great stress. After the incredible time I had last year in Wyoming and Montana, I was due some, I guess.

It is quite a blessing to get to be with so many talented and wonderful artists at the SKB conference, sharing our singular passion, ART! Those that create as well as those that collect and support. Robert Bateman was inspirational to say the least and getting motivational support and critical thinking pointers from Bob Koenke and Bill Knapp. They cut me no slack! Now I must really get to work.

So I will do my best to finish this commitment of 60 in 60......working on other big ideas in the meantime. I have already followed through and proposed a solo show to a gallery. Sending out all my thank you cards and tokens of my appreciation.

Here are the next two ....
#13  SOLD!

This is an incredible bargain....
Wyoming View.........
9 x 12' oil on panel
$60    (through Oct. 31)

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