Thursday, September 5, 2013

Traveling Teapot..... #5 in the 60 in 60 for $60

Today was a lesson in glazes and scumbling. I had this started (from probably at least a year ago) so I knew it was good and dry and decided to take a try at finishing it. I had used a bristle brush to paint the initial stages and on the gessoed panel, you could see every brush mark and the paint was very transparent in most places. I used a medium of Zest-it and linseed oil 50/50 to try this. I like the way it worked. In some places I used more medium for thinner glazes and then very little when I worked with opaques, like cad red light and cad yellow.

This teapot was purchased in Vermont and made it home in my suitcase with only one small break on the spout. I love the shape and color!

Remember, this price is good only through October...
Traveling Teapot
9 x 12"
oil on panel

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