Thursday, January 12, 2012

Painting #12... Tricky Landing

SNOW! What a beautiful excuse to be in the studio and painting. I decided to cook a big pot of potato soup so I wouldn't have to stop to fix supper. Must have been a good idea, as I was so relaxed and into the painting process, that I finished in plenty of time.

Tricky Landing    8 x 10" oil on museum matboard   NFS

The purple finches were all over Cave Creek and I managed to snap a quick shot one morning just after sunrise. I just love to hear them sing their melodies, esp. while hiking among the Saguaros.

 Just painting this took me back to the hills covered with the cactus and I was bathed in sunshine and all was well with the world!

Here's hoping you are having a wonderful day, too. Thanks for looking.....  Ruth Ann


Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Ow! I wouldn't want to land on that cactus barefoot. I like the way you've created a sense of height, looking up to the bird...

Stella said...

love this one,. all most my favorite so far... and Like Michael J said.. i love the idea of looking up.

Ruth Ann Sturgill said...

Thanks, Michael!! I almost cropped it and then saw how it would change my viewpoint.