Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Painting #18 Lonely Tulip

A simple object was chosen today after the time-consuming cat for yesterday. Whew! That one wore me out! The tulip in the darling, little round vase was my choice. I took artistic license with the colors, making the background red violet with the warm pink tulip in the foreground.

Lonely Tulip     5 x 7" oil on panel  
Funny how a simple color combination can evoke a memory..........this one does for me. As a young teen, I was getting interested in fashion. Being the youngest with three older sisters, new clothes were a rarity for me, as hand-me-downs were plentiful. My mother was a seamstress at a local shop named, De-Cindi Fashions. They made clothing for Bobbie Brooks. Their rejects were made available to employees and I got a pink/burgundy plaid skirt with a pink top to match!  To this day , when I see those color combinations, it cheers me up and makes me smile.            Ahhhh,,,,,,, the simple pleasures of life!


A Time For Art~Daily Paintings by Kristen Dukat said...

I just noticed an interesting fact about your blog, you have posted more times in January than in the last 4 years! Way to go!!! I love how you take artistic liscence with color and mood. I need to stop trying to get everything just right and relax a little, maybe tomorrow!

Gloria E. Moses said...

Please tell me the cat took longer than one day with all that beautiful detail!!!! The flower and glass today are wonderful!

Ruth Ann Sturgill said...

I did it all in one day but ALL day! I took the photo a couple of years ago and had planned to do it but just hadn't gotten around to it. I worked almost non-stop to get it done. Glad you like it!