Friday, January 13, 2012

Painting #13 Like a Rock

Inspiration for creativity comes in many forms; sometimes it is something tangible, like a rock that was a gift to me from someone close to my heart. I am inspired as much, if not more so, by the thought of the sentimental act they performed , as I am by reading the words inscribed.

Those that touch our hearts deeply, continually renew our spirit each time we visit that memory. Today I went down memory lane and chose  items that will be showing up in paintings later this month. Just one way I can honor those that honored me....

Like a Rock  
   8 x 8" oil on canvas   

Thanks for looking..............Ruth Ann


Nora Sallows said...

You are almost halfway there! Love seeing your daily paintings. This is my favorite so far. Can't resist brushes.

Ruth Ann Sturgill said...

So glad you like it. I think I could add a few darks now. I am putting the rock in another set up as I want to study the tones more.