Monday, January 23, 2012

Painting # 23 Sharing the Spotlight

Shopping is fun, but sure takes up a lot of studio time!  People probably thought I was really strange, as I picked through the cherries to get just the right ones; some really dark, some with great lights and of course, many with stems!

That was only part of it...then to choose how to present them! I tried several containers and may paint a few of them. Today, the little cut glass was the one to 'share the spotlight'.

I started out using too much medium, so I had to wait to let it dry; as we were having a thunderstorm and torrential rain with howling winds, it was taking a good long time to dry enough so that I could work on it. Still not quite what I was going for but not a bad effort for the day... I go eat those luscious cherries!  Have a wonderful evening!

Sharing the Spotlight     5 x 7" oil on panel   

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Gloria E. Moses said...

Ruth Ann, this is beautiful and moody, love this piece!!! You are so talented!

P.S. The photos of your paintings seem to be dark when they display on the internet. Because they are small it is harder to see all the beauty. Maybe it is just my monitor?