Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Painting #24...The One That Got Away

Well, I have a finished painting but it needs some 'tweaking' to say the least. Try as I might, I squinted, I glanced quickly, I turned it upside down ( but then I realized I would have to stand on my head, since I couldn't 'flip' my still life)....

The photo isn't quite accurate. The orange shows up too sharp and intense and there is a glare in a few places. I will take a new photo when it dries down more.

I believe it will work better if I use almost no medium when I have a high key background. Or I need to work in layers with more time to dry, not a one sitting painting. So that is good, I seem to be learning a thing or two...

The One That Got Away   5 x 7" oil on panel  

Thanks for looking.............Ruth Ann

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