Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Painting #3

After working a full 8 hr day and cooking a quick supper, I drug myself up the narrow stairway to my studio. This is the discipline part. I really wanted to wimp out, as I was certainly not feeling creative. I was just plain tired....excuse #????

So I painted..............it was not a waste of time or paint or canvas.............as it showed me my weaknesses. It is so very much different from my normal method of slow, involving all the smallest details. But this is how we learn.  ( so they tell me!)

Here is tonight's attempt.............maybe tomorrow will be a little easier.


A Time For Art~Daily Paintings by Kristen Dukat said...

Don't be discouraged! I felt like that today too! I delayed my exit to the studio and even questioned myself for the first time in a year about why I was doing it. I had 3 days of "failures"...But I trudged on anyway, and wouldn't you know it, I kind of liked today's painting! I really like how you did the cup in this one, I have one like it with the "aged" looking top so I can picture it perfectly!

Gloria E. Moses said...

Ruth Ann, your doing it!!! I going to try to paint several, but can't paint one a day. It has inspired me to finish some of the things I have been put off! Then I will get started. I love this one, why are you being so hard on yourself?

Patricia Lyons said...

I love your colors especially the green cup!