Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Painting #4 ( 30 paintings in 30 days)

Dress Spur in Umber

After a strenuous day of hanging photography for the gallery's upcoming exhibit, I still needed to go grocery shopping and fix supper, eat, let the dog out....all before I could ascend the steps upward to the studio.

Usually, I would just wimp out and tell myself ":you can get to the studio tomorrow". With this bet with Kristen Dukat though, I am not caving in!!! Shoulder pain or not, I managed to choose a subject that I could get into; the spurs my hubby bought for me while we were in AZ recently.

With new paint, new panels that arrived in the mail, I was ready. After choosing my palette of earthtone pigments, I chose to tone the panel with raw umber, then proceed to draw using it without thinning it.
I liked the look so much that I just chose to continue and do a monochromatic rendering of one spur. I rather like it.

Thanks, Kristen for "spurring me on"!!!


Gloria E. Moses said...

Go Ruth Ann! I've had those days! It is a cutie!

A Time For Art~Daily Paintings by Kristen Dukat said...

Haha! I like the "old fashioned" feel of these spurs! Trust me, you're spurring me on too! I posted my painting from yesterday on your fbook wall, i didn't blog it cuz it was a lousy pic.

Anonymous said...

Oh you know I have to say something about this painting.. I think your sister in law is starting to rub off on love it..